Why It Doesn’t Make Sense To Buy Expensive or Branded Jeans Anymore

For a while, there any clothing store with a well-stocked denim section was a haven of delight and relief for all of us. Thank goodness they had options, right? We were grateful to be able to spend hours trying every cut and style and size in every combination just so that we could find a pair of jeans that fit us alright.
But alright is not good enough anymore.

Because the internet has made things previously reserved for Hollywood stars available to the everyday woman, man, and other. Since custom made jeans are available to all of us for an affordable price and a low-level of effort, it is time we took off the rose-tinted glasses we use when we gaze upon the oceans of denim in retail stores.

  • Why would we settle for flimsy, thin branded jeans when custom-made jeans are strong and supportive? My pair never stretches or sags, which means from work to a night out I can rock the same pair of jeans without ever worrying about how I look.
  • We do not need off-the-line designer jeans that aren’t really made to suit any specific body type anymore. Custom-made jeans are tailored to hug and complement our every bump and curve.
  • Literally, one pair of custom-made jeans replaces hundreds of retail store jeans. Custom-made jeans are literally a cut above the rest. They are so high quality that you’ll be wearing them for years.


I used to get weird looks at retail stores because I literally would try on every pair of jeans just to find one that did not make me feel bad about myself. And then even if I did find a pair that worked in a size that worked, that size was not standard across the board. A 12 in one style is like 16 in another. Infuriating.

Life just does not need to be like that anymore. Custom-made jeans are accessible, affordable, and right there for anyone to benefit from. If you want a pair of custom-made jeans, go with custom selvedge denim. You can read more about custom selvedge denim here or you can visit this website to know more about it.