Selvedge Jeans Versus Non-Selvedge Jeans – What Should You Choose?

Custom selvedge jeans and non-selvedge jeans are a few terms that you will come across again and again if you are just starting into the denim game. Let us discuss the terms.

The Selvedge Jeans

Selvedge (or selvage) was derived from the term “self-edge” where the edges of the denim fabric have a clean finish. You may have seen this thing in the past and have not noticed it and it is normally found in expensive jeans.

So why are people paying $300 for a pair of denim?

It costs too much as it was cut from the first edge of the fabric. This piece of fabric is taken as the wool is woven here more tightly and firmly. For the manufacturing of the selvedge, there is special kind of equipment used. No doubt this is expensive but it is worth it. It is like a one-time investment. And you can use it for years. Use it while doing hard labor work. So selvedge denim are more than a sown old-style shuttle looms.

The old-style traditional loom is used to leave the fabric in one continuous loop. And it will create a sort of finished edge. That finished edge is there to show where the finished edges of the fabric were. A selvedge describes the outer seen branch edge of the woven fabric. It was made to prevent unraveling. The selvedge denim has a selvedge band that runs down the outside of the fabric known as selvedge id. And it can be in any color in the middle of the jeans and the sideways.

Non-Selvedge Jeans

Non-selvedge jeans are made from a projectile loom. It doesn’t have sharp and apparent edges. This type of jeans is not recommended to wear during hard labor. It contains projectile looms and that will make it more susceptible to be torn out.

Denim in the Philippines

Up to this point, these stories haven’t elaborated in the Philippines. We’ve seen an ascent in denim excitement locally without a doubt. Increasingly more Filipino men and women have been purchasing selvedge jeans in the Philippines. Seashore splashing their crude pants and contrasting blurs and other similar style geeks. Be that as it may, just Japan and the U.S. have been large parts regarding really delivering crude selvedge denim pants—close by Canada, France, and Sweden, less significantly; and a couple considerably more modest autonomous brands from nations like the Netherlands, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

There are several brands in the Philippines that provide custom selvedge jeans but most if not all are all ready-to-wear jeans. If you want something that is a pair of custom-handmade selvedge jeans that will fit your body accurately, Deocariza Custom Denim offers that for you. It offers different styles for the jeans. Fabrics are also available in selvedge and non-selvedge. You can choose whatever kind of thread color that will match your personality.

Customized Selvedge Jeans

At that point, interest in pants developed. Organizations began utilizing present-day machines for mass request, more slender, less expensive denim. In contrast to customized selvedge, these pants had unfinished edges that frayed all the more and may cause a little bit of inconvenience.

Exemplary customized selvage denim keeps going longer and has better worth. It remains by you through a large number of wears, whatever your way of life. It has an ageless look and feels. What’s more, the majority of all, each pair recounts the tale of its proprietor. For example, the examples of wear, honeycombing on the knees’ backs create your extraordinary body and development.

Why Custom-Made?

In any case, you may ask, for what reason is selvedge denim is better in quality and so alluring? There are many purposes behind this: the van loom creation measure makes a denser weave than non-selvedge. This makes for better quality. Another explanation is that the bus loom measure is a more seasoned innovation. A similar explanation somebody would need a hand-made wooden table or seat. The van loom interaction can be marginally conflicting, which prompts varieties in the denim’s vibe, exceptional for an industry where large-scale manufacturing and consistency are the standards. In the realm of quick design, it is reviving for some to purchase a garment that will be with them for quite a long time to come, effortlessly wear and advance.

If you want a new pair of custom selvedge jeans that is a value for money, visit my website Deocariza Custom Denim. I will make you a customized pair of jeans. May it be selvedge or non-selvedge. The Selvedge Philippines scene is slowly rising with many followers starting to get their selvedge jeans abroad. And I am one of those followers who keep searching for the best pair of selvedge jeans. That is why I started this company. Go ahead and choose your brand new pair of selvedge jeans on my website.


There are two main benefits of the selvedge jeans:

  • It fits your body accurately
  • It’s long-lasting

Looking after your pair of jeans?

Don’t pre-wash it. Tell your tailor that. Just go with raw denim. Wash it it after 6 months of continuous wearing or when it smells. Raw denim is stiff and might not feel very comfortable at first but you will get used to it and the fit will get better with time. When you wash it, wash your jeans separately. They may contain indigo and blue color, which may leave a stain on light-colored garments.


Regardless if it’s selvedge or not, what you should go after is the fit. If it doesn’t fit, it will be useless. But it should also be equally important that you buy the jeans that you like and most often than not selvedge jeans offer a better quality and stylish look.