Master / Pattern Block

After mastering making jeans, I focused my attention on other pieces of clothing starting with pattern blocks — from shirts to vests up to suits but nothing beats the thrill of making a pair of jeans (for me, of course). However, learning to make these different designs helped me create different styles that I can incorporate with my jeans and I am sure this will help you as well.

Master block is what makes a pattern. The beauty of blocks is that you can use them to create different styles using only one single block so no need to buy different patterns for different styles. in short, blocks save you time and money.

So I have created different blocks that can be used with different styles. This is a step-by-step guide to making blocks that can be made into different patterns.


  • Step-by-step guide on how to make a fitted shirt block
  • Can be used to create different styles that match the person’s actual size
  • It is made to be a master block of all fitted shirts
  • You will no longer have to buy patterns since this block can be altered for different sizes


  • Step-by-step guide on how to make a dress shirt block
  • The classic dress shirt block can be used for different styles
  • It is made to be a master block of all dress shirts
  • You will no longer have to buy patterns since this block can be altered for different sizes


  • Step-by-step guide on how to make a tank top
  • The easiest block for different styles
  • A good starter block for beginners who want to understand the body size
  • It is made to be a master block of all tank tops
  • You will no longer have to buy patterns since this block can be altered for different sizes


  • The ultimate block for vests
  • A step-by-step guide on how to make a vest
  • The great block for different projects
  • It is made to be a master block of all vests
  • You will no longer have to buy patterns since this block can be altered for different sizes


  • The most sought after block
  • A step-by-step guide on how to make a blazer
  • A great block not only for blazers but also for jackets
  • It is made to be a master block of all blazers
  • You will no longer have to buy patterns since this block can be altered for different sizes


  • Another top-selling block
  • A step-by-step guide on how to make a pair of dress pants
  • A great block not only for pants but also for shorts
  • It is made to be a master block of all dress pants
  • You will no longer have to buy patterns since this block can be altered for different sizes


  • A block made that pays homage to an American classic — blue jeans
  • Designed for people who want some adventure with their clothing
  • A great block not only for pants but also for shorts
  • It is made to be a master block of all jeans
  • You will no longer have to buy patterns since this block can be altered for different sizes



  • All the blocks you can ever hope for
  • Improve your sewing by learning how to make accurate pattern blocks
  • Master blocks include the following:
    • Fitted shirt
    • Dress shirt
    • Tank top
    • Vest
    • Blazer
    • Dress pants
    • Selvedge jeans

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If you are new to sewing, starting to master blocks would be the BEST FIRST STEP that you will take in sewing. if you are an experienced tailor or seamstress then improving your patternmaking would improve your sewing skills and you might discover the hidden designer in you.

I know there’s a lot of information out there and it could be incredibly confusing. Most of the sewing instruction out there is for people that ultimately want to become professional tailors or fashion designers. But unfortunately, that means the everyday person that just wants to enjoy their sewing machine that’s been sitting around for years gets neglected.

Most of the information out there about sewing is actually what’s been keeping you from success.

That is true.

So if you’ve been concerned in the past or even today that you just can’t succeed on the sewing machine, I want to put those fears to rest. You can do this. You just need the right FIRST STEP so you can master sewing.

So you may be asking yourself WHY should you listen to me?

Let me give you my story real quick and then I want to turn the attention back to you. Because I’m not the one that is special here. I’m just a guy who was frustrated with my sewing lessons and was fortunate enough to stumble upon a better way to make sewing fun again.

You have the gift of sewing inside you, I know you do. I’m just going to be the guy to help you find it and unlock it, but it’s you that’s going to put in the small amount of work and very soon be enjoying one of the greatest hobbies in the world, impressing your friends and family, and genuinely enjoying every time you sit down at your sewing machine.

And I am not sure if you need to hear this right now but sewing is very therapeutic. Whatever situation you are in right now and whenever you think you need an outlet… just sew. I guarantee you, it will help you.

For my sewing credentials, if you would like to know — I have completed basic and advanced patternmaking, as well as a tailoring course in a fashion school. So these are my formal education in sewing BUT prior to that, I have been sewing for years. Trying out different styles and techniques. So you can count on me when I say that I can help you make sewing amazing again in a matter of days.

The 5 Ways To Learn Sewing And Which Is Best For You

1st Way: Fashion School

A lot of people don’t know this or don’t understand it but it’s really a good step to success on the sewing machine. And it is by studying sewing in a fashion school.

And I told you earlier about my sewing credentials and that I studied in a fashion school. These traditional lessons are clearly, far away, the number one way people attempt to learn sewing. But when you’re taking traditional lessons, what is the actual way or method they teach you with? You may have guessed this already and that is by bombarding you with lots of information about the different fabrics, the history of a brand, the different technique in sewing, and all those things for you to become an amazing fashion designer. Yes, a fashion designer. That is why it is called a fashion school. But ask yourself, do I want to be sewing the different kinds of clothes that are available in the market right now? Do I want to sew different styles to keep up with the trend that will soon fade away? Or do I want to just focus on the clothes I actually love and master them? Not to mention that different fashion schools have different techniques and it’s really confusing if you will transfer from one fashion school to the next.

And do I need to mention that studying in a fashion school is expensive? Well, yes, it is expensive.

2nd Way: YouTube

So you may be thinking… yeah I’m right there with you Fred. Fashion school is expensive and I’d much rather just look up sewing tutorials on YouTube and learn sewing that way.

Well if you think that’s the best approach for you, by all means, go for it.

But the thing with YouTube tutorials is that they just provide you with one piece of information and what you will end up with is that you will just be parroting exactly what they were doing. You can follow along and sew the exact process someone else is telling you to. But are you really learning sewing? Are you able to apply what you’re learning to any other clothes or projects?

I’m sure you’ve heard the quote before about teaching men to fish rather than giving them a fish. That’s exactly my approach to sewing. I don’t want you to have to come back to me every time you want to learn a new style or piece of clothing. What I will show you is how to see a piece of clothing and draft it and transform it into many different designs, so you don’t have to buy patterns or look up the tutorial for that style on YouTube.

3rd Way: The Tailor

The 3rd way I would say is the cheaper way than enrolling in a fashion school to learn sewing. And that is by learning from a tailor or seamstress. If you know a tailor in your local area, approach them and ask if it’s possible for you to watch their process. Some may be open to it while there are some who don’t want to be bothered. Let’s face it, tailors are there to work and not to teach sewing. If you happen to get lucky and find a friendly tailor who will give you his time for you to learn sewing, go for it. I’ve done this before and I honestly learned a lot from the tailor that I spent time with. This was before I studied in a fashion school. But just like YouTube, you will just be parroting what they are doing and most tailors I know only know one process. One process to make pants. One process to make shirts. One process to do their clothes so if you want something different on your clothes, you may have a hard time learning it.

4th Way: Sewing Difficult Clothes And Thick Fabric

And the 4th way is by sewing difficult clothes and thick fabric. Yes, even for beginners.

Sometimes you have to run first before you learn how to walk — I think that’s a line from Iron Man, I’m not sure. But you get me, right?

And I will tell you that I am one of those people who have no patience whatsoever. I want to learn things fast. So when I had my first sewing machine, I started sewing thick denim because I love jeans. And denim is one of the most difficult fabrics to sew on a sewing machine especially if you are only using a single stitch lockstitch sewing machine.

Fast forward to today I can pretty much sew whatever I want because I know how thick and soft fabrics behave. And here’s the thing, not all tailors can sew denim, which actually surprised me. They can sew dress pants but can’t sew jeans. It’s a mystery to me. I check their sewing machines and those machines are pretty capable of sewing any type of fabric but some tailors just don’t make jeans. It’s really strange.

Of course, my sewing journey wasn’t easy since I started with denim. Especially since I started with denim. That’s why I included jeans in what I will show you. In this way, you learn to sew fast and you will be comfortable with thick fabrics. Of course, sewing thick fabrics will be easy as long as you have the correct pieces. I will also provide a step-by-step guide on how to make a block for both dress pants and selvedge jeans. Yes, there are two of them and I will discuss that as well.

5th Way: Patterns

The 5th way is by mastering patternmaking. I bet you didn’t expect this. How in the world will I learn sewing through patternmaking? It’s very simple. If you know how to draft a pattern properly, you will be able to match the pattern pieces accurately during sewing. When the pattern pieces match, sewing will be a breeze. And it will make your sewing fun and easy. Even the most perfect tailor on this planet needs to have a patternmaker. Yes, all designs have a pattern. You don’t just imagine things in your head and then cut and sew the fabric. It doesn’t work that way.

Trust me. Nothing is more frustrating in sewing than picking up your seam ripper and then starting ripping the threads because your pattern pieces did not match. Not only that you would have wasted time but also wasted material. And this is one of the reasons why beginners STOP learning sewing because they think they just don’t know how to sew but it’s actually their patternmaking that’s preventing them from achieving success.

So those are the 5 ways you could learn sewing and learn different styles using your sewing machine.

I have my opinions on these clearly but I hope I’ve convinced you to at least give patternmaking a shot first before anything else, specifically my simple approach to sewing, which I’ll show you more about below.

Make Sewing Fun And Easy

I know there are a lot of people with no sewing background, who don’t have the luxury of time, who are even too old to learn something new, and who procrastinate too much. If you are one of these, you may ask yourself HOW will I learn how to make sewing easy and fun?

And the secret to this is that I’ve simplified every single step in making a master block. And I also focus on the clothes that are mostly worn by regular human beings, where if you are, I would say adventurous enough, you can make different styles just by using the blocks that I will be sharing with you.

So yes, I will focus more on blocks or slopers because it is what makes sewing easy and fun and you will have no time to waste repairing the mistakes while sewing, but also I’ve learned along the way how to put concepts in terms that literally everyone can understand and relate to. And best of all, you’re actually learning sewing and not just repeating back what someone else is telling you to do.

Now, If you’re new to sewing you may ask yourself: what is a BLOCK?

Well, a block or master block is the base of a pattern. That’s it.

People or most tailors and seamstresses skip this part to master because their focus is on the sewing machine or fabrics but then again, FIT WILL ALWAYS BE KING. You can’t wear what will not fit. And if you will master making a block, you can make an accurate pattern that will be the exact measurement of the person’s size during measurement taking. Since the pattern is accurate, sewing will be easy because the pattern pieces will ALWAYS match.

I am not saying this to be arrogant or anything but the process of sewing is EASY. The hard part is putting the person’s correct measurement on a pattern paper. That is true. And it is where the clothing block comes in.

Since a block is the base of a pattern, then you can use it to create many designs using one single block. When you transform the block into a pattern, you can no longer use it to make different designs. This is the major advantage of a block to a pattern.


  • I will master making a block so that I will ALWAYS HAVE AN ACCURATE PATTERN
  • I will master making a block so that my pattern pieces will ALWAYS MATCH DURING SEWING
  • I will master making a block so that I can SAVE TIME because there will be no more alterations to the patterns while sewing because the pattern pieces match perfectly
  • I will master making a block so that the clothes I sew will ALWAYS FIT PERFECTLY
  • I will master making a block so that I can MAKE DIFFERENT CLOTHING STYLES
  • I will master making a block so that I can SAVE MONEY because I will NO LONGER BUY patterns
  • I will master making a block so that I can MAKE MONEY by selling the different designs I make

That is why I have focused my attention on mastering blocks and I have made my step-by-step guide so easy so even people that come to me with zero sewing background get it because I don’t teach this stuff like someone with 20 years of sewing experience does.

Even if you feel like you have no time to learn this, that’s ok because I give you the ways you need to make it work and learn it right away. Not to mention that this is not a race. You learn at your own pace.

People that think they are too old for this are laughable because I have students who are actually over 50.

And if you’re low on motivation or procrastinate too much, that’s why I’ve created a step-by-step a to z program to keep it easy all the way.

So at this point, I’ve shown you a lot of information about how you make sewing easy. I hope you’re excited and can see yourself sewing right now or in a few days or weeks from now.

I’ve been hard at work on the newest version of my course and I’ve compiled everything that I’ve learned in my years of experience both self-taught and from a fashion school that I think you guys are going to like.

And that’s why I’m so excited to be releasing my newest version of my MASTER BLOCK ebook today so let me go ahead and share with you what that looks like.

The step-by-step guide I created will teach you how to make blocks for the following:

  • Fitted Shirt ($20 value)
  • Dress Shirt ($40 value)
  • Dress Pants ($40 value)
  • Blazer ($60 value)
  • Selvedge Jeans ($40 value)
  • Vest ($40 value)

That is a $240 value. From top (shirt) to bottom (pants), you will learn how to make it. and you will never have issues with your patterns again. You get lifetime access to the guide and can access it from any of your devices.

I am certain this is the FIRST STEP in your sewing journey, in both user experience and content.

This is a seamless and proven step-by-step guide for you to learn how to make blocks and sew different pieces of clothing once and for all.

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