My Story


I am a fan of jeans.

I have grown wearing jeans since I started learning how to say the word “jeans”. I am in love with it. I was so in love that I started learning how to make one. When I learned how to make jeans or custom selvedge jeans, I started experimenting with its design like creating pants with a pocket so big it can carry laptops (yes, with an “s”). I even made chicken drumsticks cargo pants with 6 pockets. Just imagine a chicken drumstick and that’s how it would look. I just can’t stop making them. If those pants were my kids I would have fathered hundreds of kids. I am so into jeans that I want to share my appreciation for jeans by sharing it.

There are people out there who have the same love as I do for jeans, but just don’t have the means to get a pair while there are some who are not aware of it. I want to introduce (and maybe re-introduce) them to those who are not familiar with selvedge jeans or have forgotten about them. Jeans, like humans, are unique in their way. I am not here to make a bunch of ready-to-wear jeans just for money. I am here to spread my love story with jeans so you can also have your own.

Sew Your Own Jeans

Stop Buying. Start Creating.