How to order

Step 1

  • Email me at OR with the following information:
    • MEASUREMENT – The video can be watched here
    • FABRIC – You can choose your fabric here
    • STYLE – You can view my most purchased styles here or you can check any styles on the internet and send me a picture

Step 2

  • I will respond with the price and the amount of time it will take to complete your order

Step 3

  • If we come into an agreement (price, completion time, etc.), I will send you a PayPal payment request to your email address and you complete the payment
  • If we don’t reach an agreement, let’s keep talking until we get into an agreement. I will start making your order when the payment is complete

Step 4

  • Your order will be shipped to your address anywhere in the world

Step 5

  • Wear your new pair of pants everyday… if possible… so you see it fade beautifully 🙂