Get Japanese Custom Selvedge Jeans – Here’s Why?

You might think that raw and selvedge jeans are the same kind and would have gotten yourself one without knowing any differences. However, even though jeans can be both raw and selvedge, this doesn’t mean that they mean the same.

Is it Raw Selvedge Jeans?

Raw refers to the unwashed denim fabric. Meanwhile, selvedge is the term derived from self-edge and it diversifies itself due to its manufacturing process. Selvedge denim is woven on an archaic shuttle loom, which can produce a more fitted and durable fabric. The outer edge of the denim – known as the self-edge – is useful in the construction of a pair of selvedge denim jeans. You can differentiate selvedge jeans from raw ones by looking inside the outseam of the garment.

In this article, I’ll be talking a little bit about what you need to know regarding the Japanese selvedge jeans. Also, why getting them custom-made is a better option. The Japanese are professionals when it comes to producing this kind of jeans. In 1950, they first weaved these jeans using a heavy denim material. They use threads of heavy material and weave them such that the edges are tight, and then they seal it to give a self-edged look. They put in great efforts to make a fine pair of jeans that is different from the raw ones. Those jeans have a formal outlook to adorn with some causal wear or even some fancy blouses.

Move With Custom Selvedge Jeans

Moving on to the concept of custom made jeans. In the fast-paced life, we don’t consider buying custom-made jeans and pick those from ready-to-wear sections. But that is not something wise. You should get a custom-made pair of jeans according to your body type and size that fits you well and gives a sleek outlook. This concept might startle you to the extent that you get worried. But don’t worry, some websites offer you this service. You can find these stores online and provide them your accurate dimensions to get yourself a fitting pair of selvedge jeans. So, if you are looking for those famous Japanese jeans and are stuck between or worried that you might get scammed like you got last time, then don’t worry! You can place an order on the website.

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