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I am Fred Deocariza and I make jeans.

I have grown wearing jeans since I started learning how to say the word “jeans”. I am in love with it. I was so in love that I started learning how to make one. When I learned how to make jeans or custom selvedge jeans, I started experimenting with its design like creating pants with a pocket so big it can carry laptops (yes, with an “s”). I even made chicken drumsticks cargo pants with 6 pockets. Just imagine a chicken drumstick and that’s how it would look. I just can’t stop making them. If those pants were my kids I would have fathered hundreds of kids. I am so into jeans that I want to share my appreciation for jeans by sharing it.

When I mastered making jeans I started learning how to make other pieces of clothing from fitted shirts, dress shirts, blazers, and even suits. I would say that I have it all. However, nothing makes me so excited when I see another project involving jeans. It’s what keeps me going. And I made it my life’s mission to spread my love and knowledge about jeans to whoever is interested. 

There are people out there who have the same love as I do for jeans, but just don’t have the means to get a pair while there are some who are not aware of it. I want to introduce (and maybe re-introduce) them to those who are not familiar with selvedge jeans or have forgotten about them. Jeans, like humans, are unique in their way. I am not here to make a bunch of ready-to-wear jeans just for money. I am here to spread my love story with jeans so you can also have your own.


All the jeans will be made by me. Starting from measurement taking, to assisting you in choosing your fabric, up to sewing. I will be with you in every step of the way. I want to make sure that you will get your order right the very first time. It’s that simple.


I do custom selvedge and non-selvedge jeans. If it’s non-selvedge, the price would start at $40. If it’s selvedge then the price may start at $90. The style would matter too. If you want just regular pants or cargo pants. So the style and the fabric (selvedge/non-selvedge, including the meters of fabric to be used) are the things that affect the price.​


A selvage (US English) or selvedge (British English) is a “self-finished” edge of a piece of fabric which keeps it from unraveling and fraying.

The term “self-finished” means that the edge does not require additional finishing work, such as hem or bias tape, to prevent fraying.”

From Wikipedia


The average time I complete making a single pair of jeans is 6 hours. However, I am just one man. So I make the pants in the manner of which the order is receive. So if you are number 16 in the queue, then I can maybe start working on your pants 2 or 3 weeks from the time you complete the payment.

I will keep updating you regarding your order. And you will hear from me within 24 hours if you will send me an email. If you’re in a different country than mine, aside from the price of the item, you will also handle the shipping cost and any fees in your country.


It’s straightforward.

After we agree on the style, measurement, and price of your order, I do these things in sequence:

  • I draw the pattern of your pants on a manila paper
  • I cut out the paper patterns individually
  • When I have the patterns, I trace it on a fabric (the one you will choose)
  • I cut out the fabric patterns individually
  • I check my machines, the needles, thread, buttons, zippers, etc.
  • I take one last look at your order (to look at the measurements, thread color of your choice, etc.)
  • I start​

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